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Future Value by Eric Longenhagen

Watch baseball and see the future

For a modern big league team, evaluating players is a complex, multifaceted, high-tech pursuit. But far from outdated in this environment, as Michael Lewis once predicted, Moneyball, the role of scouts in today’s game is evolving and even expanding. Reconnaissance is not the antithesis of a data-based approach, but is now a key analytical component in the team’s arsenal.

The future value is to immerse yourself thoroughly in the world of the modern scout with your own language, methods, statistics and madness. From rural high schools to elite showcases for amateurs; From the backfields of spring training to the major chambers of the major leagues, FanGraphs’ Eric Longenhagen and Keely McDaniel break down the key systems and techniques used to assess talent. It is a process that has surpassed typical chronometers and radar pistols, with statistical models, multiple measurable indicators and a wider international scope.

Practical and insightful, covering a variety of topics, from teaching to tools to office politics, it’s an enlightening exploration of what it means to watch baseball as if it’s your job.

  • Future Value by Eric Longenhagen download torrent
  • Future Value by Eric Longenhagen Torrent
  • Future Value by Eric Longenhagen torrent

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