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Death Note, Vol. 5 by Tsugumi Ohba

After a week at Ryuk company, Light is ready to hand over the Death Note and all its memories. Freed from his past actions, Light believes that he is innocent. But L is ready to keep the lights under the lock and key forever, especially since the assassination ends when the Light is thrown into prison. Then Cyrus’ new wave of crime swept through Japan. Some have received Death Notices, and this new death is not focused on making the world a better place, they are focused on making money. Big business could be murder, and Kira has become a company!

Nuru believes he ended his feud with the FBI by using the death notice to kill the FBI agents involved in the case in Japan! But one of the agents had a fiancé who worked for the Office, and has now received information that could lead to the arrest of Light. Worse, L came out of the shadows to work directly with a target group led by the father of Light. When people will drive from all sides, What? Will the light meet?

With two Kiras released, L asks Mwanga to join the target group and disguises himself as a real Kira to catch the imitator. L still suspects Light and thinks this is a good reason to approach him. Mwanga agreed to a free access plan for the target group’s resources. But when Mwanga managed to contact the new Kira, he realized that his opponent was not exactly what was expected. Je! Will the Light of Love escape without injury?

Bright Yagami is an Ace student with amazing expectations – and he’s already bored. But all that changed when he received the Note of Death, the pamphlet was dropped by the disobedient Shinigami, the god of death. Everyone whose name is written in the register will die, and now the Light has vowed to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of evil. But when the perpetrator begins to die, officials send an L-story detective to find the killer. And the fire upon his heels, Will the light forget his people or his life?

The brain

The light is the border of the Death Note when L and the police start closing. Fortunately, Svitla’s father was the head of the Japan Police Force and left important information about the case around the house. With access to his father’s files, the world can sit one step ahead of the authorities. But who was the strange man who looked at him, and how could the Light protect an enemy whose name he did not know?

  • Death Note, Vol. 5 by Tsugumi Ohba torrent
  • Death Note, Vol. 5 by Tsugumi Ohba download
  • Death Note, Vol. 5 by Tsugumi Ohba Torrent

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