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Half Life by Lillian  Clark

An overachiever participates in an experimental clone study to prove that two (of his own) senses are better than one in this fast-paced, near-future adventure where the Black Mirror meets Becky Albertalli.

There are not enough hours a day for Lucille – a perfectionist, talented – to do everything she has to do, and there are certainly not enough hours to hang out and fall for friends. in love, in trouble – all the youth she knows should do instead of preparing for a flawless future. So when she sees an ad for Life2: do more. Be more, she’s fascinated.

The company is looking for beta testers who can sign up for an experimental cloning program. After a series of disappointments, Lucille feels ruthless enough to get started. First of all, it’s perfect: her clone Lucy is exactly what she needed to make her life manageable and have time for contacts. But it does not take long for Lucy to become more Lucy and less Lucille, and Lucille is forced to stop looking at Lucy as a reflection and see her as a window – a look at someone else who lives. his own life, but better. Lucy does what she really wants, not what she thinks, and Lucille wonders how much she was a part of the perfect life she built. Lucille wanted Lucy to help her relationship with everyone, but how can she do that without first correcting her relationship with herself?

  • Half Life by Lillian Clark torrent download
  • Half Life by Lillian Clark Download Torrent
  • Half Life by Lillian Clark Download Torrent

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