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By a Thread by Lucy Score

Dominic looked at me like he couldn’t decide to cut me to pieces or pull me by the hair and the Frenchman kissed me.


I fired him. Okay, I had a bad day and took it to someone near the pizzeria. But there is nothing innocent about Ally Morales. He confirms that he was in my office the first day of his new job after my mother hired me.

Perhaps his charming, awkward, and unusual demeanor shines through the offices of magazines that felt like last year’s prison. Maybe I’d like him to argue with me in front of the newsroom. And maybe my mind is sewn up after hours with brown eyes and that sharp tongue.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll be Russo’s other man to take his place. I may be the second generation, but I am not a father.

She does a dozen dead jobs on her own for various secret reasons why she doesn’t feel shared with me. And I’ll fix it all. Don’t accuse me of worrying. Remove something beyond the solved puzzle. If I can stop it, I can finally pull all the layers. Then I can go back to look for the last name and forget all about dancing on beer butter.


Ha. Wait for my beer, Grass Face.

Author’s note: A fiercely romantic comedian and hero in the workplace and a retired boss’s hero decided to save the day with a hero who begins to wonder if there really can be a heart that will beat him among his female masters.

  • By a Thread by Lucy Score Download Torrent
  • By a Thread by Lucy Score download
  • By a Thread by Lucy Score Download Torrent

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