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Someone Like You by Karen Kingsbury

Frozen embryo.

Two families with secrets.

And a guy who never intended to fall in love again.

Maddie West was deeply shaken to learn that everything she believed in her life was a lie. Her parents always intended to tell her the truth about her past: that she had been accepted as an embryo. But somehow the right time never happened. Now she is told by a complete stranger who confronts Maddie with the truth, something else that creates her world. Maddie feels cheated, angry and confused, quits her new job and fiancé, refuses her family’s request for forgiveness, and moves to Portland, Oregon to find out who she really is.

Dawson Gages’ life is ruined when London Quinn, the only girl he has ever loved, is killed. In a waiting hospital in London, London’s mother Dawson reveals that London may have had a sibling, a frozen embryo that she and her husband gave decades ago. When Dawson invites Maddie to Portland to reunite with her long-lost loved ones, Quinn, the parents of her birth, welcomes her into their lives. Maddie is fascinated by her memories of London, which was like her. Is that the family and life she really thought of?

Now Dawson needs Gage’s love to help Maddie find her way back.

  • Someone Like You by Karen Kingsbury Torrent Download
  • Someone Like You by Karen Kingsbury Torrent
  • Someone Like You by Karen Kingsbury torrent download

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