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Let Them Eat Tweets by Jacob S. Hacker

The Republican Party seems torn between an old guard with tax cuts and a white nationalist avant-garde, and with the rise of Donald Trump, the rise seems to be winning. But how do we explain that Trump’s plutocrats got almost everything they wanted, including a huge reduction in corporate taxes and a rich executive destroying regulations and an army of federal federal judges. Companies? Does the Republican Party represent forgotten Americans? Or does it represent the super rich?

In Let Them Eat Tweets, top-selling political scientists Jacob S. Hacker and Paul Pierson give a definitive answer: The Republican Party serves its plutocratic masters to some extent unprecedented in modern world history. Conservative parties, of course, almost always stand by the rich. But in the midst of the popular opposition, they often make concessions and allow themselves measures that benefit the middle and working class. How can a political party maintain power in a democracy if it only serves the interests of a limited and affluent section of society?

Today’s Republicans have shown the way and are doubling down on a truly radical economic agenda that benefits the elite, while addressing their almost exclusively white base of increasingly disruptive race and culture. Hacker and Pierson tell a forty-year-old story and show that since the early 1980s, when inequality skyrocketed, extreme tax cuts, union action and deregulation have been accompanied by harassment. extreme race, revival of outrage and misinformation. Rather than responding to the real voter challenges, the Republican Party offers more division and distraction in the racist and nativist bile of the president’s Twitter feed.

As Hacker and Pierson argue, Trump is not a break with the Republican Party’s recent past. Rather, it embodies his firm acceptance of plutocracy and the dynamics of right-wing extremism that Hacker and Pierson call plutocratic populism. As Trump and his right-wing allies spit out hatred and lies, Republicans in Congress and state chambers are attacking social programs and distributing more and more money to the highest percentage of Americans. Far from waging war with each other, reactionary plutocrats and right-wing populists have become the two faces of a party that is now undermining democracy to achieve its goal against the will of the majority of Americans.

From decades of research, Hacker and Pierson play a key role in interpreting the fatal cycle of tax cuts and promoting fear that characterizes our era, and shows how we can defend ourselves.

  • Let Them Eat Tweets by Jacob S. Hacker download torrent
  • Let Them Eat Tweets by Jacob S. Hacker Torrent Download
  • Let Them Eat Tweets by Jacob S. Hacker download torrent

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