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Pulitzer Prize-winning author Ron Chernov presents the famous biography of Alexander Hamilton, the founding fathers who mobilized, inspired, embarrassed, and shaped the newborn people.

In the first long biography in Alexander Hamilton in decades, Ron Chernov tells the fascinating story of a man who could shape, inspire and give birth to a newborn American. According to historian Joseph Ellis, Alexander Hamilton
are solid long portraits, in my opinion the best written ever, their most brilliant, charismatic and most dangerous founders.

Few personalities in American history are discussed worse than misunderstood than Alexander Hamilton. Bion’s Chernovs give Hamilton an accurate and direct note, clearly illustrating that America’s current political and economic courage is the result of Hamilton’s innumerable sacrifices to fight for the often controversial ideas of his day. To reject his legacy, Chernov writes, is in many ways to reject the modern world. Chernov tells the story of Hamilton’s troubled life here: an illegitimate orphan, mostly self-taught from the Caribbean, he appears in a storm out of nowhere and takes America, rises to become George Washington, a camp assistant in the Continental Army, compiled the Federalist Papers, founded the New York Bank, formed the Federalist governing party and became the first U.S. Treasury Secretary, has long spoken of the U.S. birth as the victory of Jefferson’s democratic ambitions over Hamilton’s nobility intentions. Chernov represents a completely different man, whose legendary ambitions are motivated not only by selfishness but also by the spirit of patriotism and a stubborn desire to build the foundation of American prosperity and power. He was a much more human Hamilton than we have ever met because of the embarrassment surrounding his birth with fiery ambitions, from his intimate relationships with childhood friends to his titanic quarrel with Jefferson, Madison, Adams, Monroe and Burr, and from his very regular relationship with Mary Reynolds to his love marriage to his faithful wife Eliza. And there has never been a clearer story of Hamilton’s glorious and mysterious death in an argument with Aaron Burr in July 1804.

Chernovs’ biography is not just a portrait of Hamilton, but an American-born story seen by the leading figure. At a critical time to look back on our whites, Alexander Hamilton
it will remind the reader of the purpose of our institution and our heritage as Americans.

  • Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow torrent
  • Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow Torrent
  • Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow Torrent

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